IMSAR   —   Integration of Music Scores and Audio Recordings

Listen to music while following the score • jump around • reduce tempo • change pitch • play along • add practice loops

Get HELP and read more about the technology behind this website. All kind of FEEDBACK appreciated. IMSAR is currently not open source - but this may change in future.

get started:

  1. Select a movement (Adagio .. Finale)
  2. Select a score part in the drop box which will appear on the right side
  3. click in the score to start/stop playing from the beginning of a staff line
  4. click on the small squares right of the player progress bar to switch between player plugins
  5. click on the grey area left of the player progress bar to show/hide menu buttons
  6. try the menu buttons (some of them depend on the player you have chosen)

Note: This demo uses mp3 audio recordings from the IMSLP website. The HTML5 audio players of Firefox and Opera cannot handle mp3 format. You must either use another browser (Chrome, IE, Safari) or you must install a browser plugin like Quicktime or Windows Media Player.

Symphony  •   Wind quintet  • by Charles Gounod  •   Costallat  •   1904  •
  I. Adagio, Allegro     II. Andante cantabile     III. Scherzo: Allegro moderato     IV. Finale: Allegretto     (cover pages)