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While WikiNodes provide a star topology to the world of wikis,
the WikiTourBus-System is a much less confusing way to travel.
For all existing bus lines, have a look on the bus map on Meatball.


Welcome to DplDemo wiki.

DPL is a report generator for MediaWikis. It creates lists of articles that match certain criteria. Meta data like author, popularity or date of last update can be added. Contents from articles can be included in the result, based on chapters, templates or special markers in the text.

Wgraph is a graph generator for MediaWikis. It allows you to define the semantics of a graph in an abstract textual notation called WGL (Wiki Graph Language). You may add hints for layout, but the graph itself is being produced automatically. Wgraph is a powerful visualisation instrument for objects and their relations.


We wish to connect you with these lines to

  • Bus #2 - Wiki Developers Tour - (all open, some connections broken)

Sights of DplDemo

Comming soon - Gero do you want to tell something about it? ;-) --Peu 20:50, 23 April 2008 (CEST)

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