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About Us

Semantics Embedding – There is a Silver Bullet to the Semantic Web

This website is about knowledge management. It deals with finding the best compromise between flexibility and structure, between “lost in hyper space” and “tied in structural chains”. The central idea of Semeb is to combine the power and simplicity of wikis with the precision of semantic modelling.

Current wikis only tag “pages” and normally there is no real typing system available, although most wikis provide mechanisms like “categories”. Semeb extends wiki syntax to verbs and other relevant phrases (predicates), thus being able to express meaningful relations between objects. It introduces a type concept for objects and relations, very much like RDF and OWL.

Semeb is unique in the sense that it aims for a maximum of simplicity. It tries to achieve a seamless insertion of “semantic hooks” into the natural flow of a text. On the other hand it does not try to remove every burden from the author of a text. Creating parsers which are able to extract semantic concepts from a text without any help from authors are not in sight down the road.

The acronym SemEb is derived from the main objective to EmBed SEMantic hints into documents in an organic way.
As a mis-spelt variant of the “SEMantic wEB” it also reflects the fact that the semantic web will never be prfct 😉