Overview of the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse with an eye on eSports

Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse Review [2021]

The Logitech G Pro is the best gaming FPS mouse for small hands. It has some of the best features for gamers on the market, and it really delivers in terms of performance. The mouse’s sensor produces very little lag time while you’re playing your game, which means you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to make a crucial move because your mouse couldn’t keep up with what was happening on screen. Plus, this mouse is also customizable with different weights that can be added or removed to fit any preference!

In August, Logitech presented its next mouse from the gamer’s line with the most simple and clear name G Pro. As you can guess from the name, it is focused on eSportsmen, with whom it was developed. Let’s see what the result is.

What is it?

Logitech G Pro is a wired gaming mouse with a symmetric shape, but with additional buttons only for the right hand, 12 000 DPI sensor, and RGB backlight.

What’s so interesting about the Logitech G Pro?

Most Logitech gamer mice have some sort of features: wireless connectivity, a very fast sensor, the ability to adjust weight, and so on. The company seems to have had a slightly different goal in mind when creating the Logitech G Pro: to create the most versatile, comfortable, and easy-to-use mouse possible. According to Logitech, they took the popular Logitech G100 as the basis and combined its shape with the speed characteristics of the Logitech G303. It uses one of the best optical sensors at the moment PixArt PMW3366, and the presence of internal memory allows you to write all the necessary profiles and settings and not to bother with software when connecting to new computers, which is especially important when participating in tournaments.

What’s in the box?

A review of the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse with an eye on eSportsmen 2

Logitech is staying true to its tradition in terms of packaging for its lineup of gaming devices. Like its predecessors, the G Pro is packaged in a small black and blue box with all sorts of printing on the outside. On the inside there are no surprises. The mouse itself and instructions.

What does the Logitech G Pro look like?

The mouse is compact in size, it’s quite low and lightweight. The shape is very close to the aforementioned G100 (or G100s, which we’ve reviewed), and the G Pro’s button design is more reminiscent of the Daedalus Apex G303. Despite the fact that the body of the mouse is absolutely symmetric, two additional buttons are placed only on the left side, for right hand use. The mouse is almost entirely made of matte plastic, but it has a different structure: smoother on top and rougher on the sides, for grip. The main buttons are separated from the body, behind the scroll wheel there is a mode switch button.

On the left side are two large additional buttons, which are located at a decent distance from each other, so that it will be difficult to miss. As you can notice, the cable is attached to the case just above the bottom edge, but the bend protection is slightly tilted down. I didn’t have any problems with it, but the most finicky gamers can complain about the cable clinging to the surface.

A review of the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse with an eye on cyber athletes

There’s nothing interesting on the right edge.

A review of the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse with a cyber-sportsman's eye

Of the illuminating elements, there’s the G Series logo and an illuminated strip around the perimeter of the entire back of the mouse.

The main buttons are almost identical in shape and size. They are perfectly fixed and don’t dangle (probably thanks to the spring). The scroll wheel is wide and has a ribbed rubber coating. It staggers a little from side to side, but I didn’t notice it until I saw this photo and checked it out, even though it doesn’t affect the function of this feature. At a relatively small distance from the wheel is a button to switch the DPI mode (you can reassign if you want).

Overview of the Logitech G Pro gaming mouse with an eye on eSports

In the middle of the bottom of the mouse, there is an optical sensor with a Teflon hole trim and four small but thick Teflon feet around the perimeter.

The fabric braided cable is quite thick and weighty. It’s soft and easy to shape.

The Logitech G Pro is compact and lightweight, which a lot of gamers like (based on personal experience). But the G Pro is really low, so its shape may not suit everyone. The mouse is made of practical and nice rough plastic and very well assembled.

How comfortable is it?

I don’t know any person who uses claw grip, but there are such gamers and it was worth trying. Perhaps in the case of the G Pro the size of my hand plays an even greater role, but I was not able to grasp it comfortably with a claw, either my index and middle fingers are significantly skewed to the right because the base of my thumb is dragging on the mat. But the palm/fingers are very good: the mouse can be gripped securely, also due to the successful taper at the base of the mouse. Fingers rest comfortably and fall on both main and additional buttons.

What can it do?

Of course, there’s RGB backlighting with 16.8 million colors, just like in most modern mice. You can sync it with Logitech gaming headsets and keyboards (if you have them). There are different modes: static, pulsating, and so on. The feature is not particularly important, but it’s nice.

Overview of gaming mouse Logitech G Pro with an eye on eSportsmen

As it was already mentioned above the mouse is equipped with one of the most popular and the best at the moment optical sensor Pixart PMW3366 with a maximum resolution of 12000 dpi and almost zero acceleration. The maximum tracked acceleration is > 40 G, the maximum speed is > 7.62 m/s (300 dpi). The sensor has already proven itself perfectly and in the case of the Logitech G Pro, there are no surprises: the 3366 shows excellent performance, and the resolution margin is enough for a couple of UltraHD monitors. The mouse has raced in The Division, DOOM, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, GTAV, Dying Light, Star Wars Battlefront, XCOM 2.

The mouse allows you to adjust 5 DPI values. The branded app hasn’t been changed in a long time and if you’ve had experience with it, nothing will be unexpected. For those who haven’t used it yet – let’s see briefly what you can do. In the main tab, you can choose where to save the profiles: in the memory of the mouse or on the computer.

Depending on the option selected above, there are different options next. This is what the tab looks like when you select internal memory. You can adjust sensitivity levels from 200 to 12,000 in increments of 50, polling frequency, up to 1000 Hz, and reassign buttons.

There are ready-made profiles for different games, which you can edit or create your own if you want. They can be activated automatically when you start a certain game.

This is what the sensitivity and polling frequency settings look like when you select save on your PC.

The next tab is responsible for backlighting. You can separately adjust the logo and bar backlighting, color, turn on the breathing effect, brightness and speed. There is a function to automatically turn off the backlight after a set time.

The next tab is responsible for setting up for a specific gaming surface. There are presets for Logitech branded surfaces.

And a utility for calibrating to your own.

And the last tab is activating click map recording.

The Arx Control mobile app, which is also unchanged. The application connects via LAN to the PC, allows you to choose a game profile from the available ones, launch games, track system load indicators, switch the mouse profile, adjust and switch DPI values, control media playback and see the current key assignments:

Everything is simple, clear, and convenient.

Bottom line

Logitech has combined the G Pro mouse with the excellent, proven PixArt PMW3366 optical sensor, long-lasting Omron main button switches, and proprietary springs under the buttons that increase reset speed and result in high click speeds. The mouse is perfectly assembled from quality, practical materials. It uses plastic with a rough texture, not just a coating that tends to the fray with time. The shape – to a fan: many will do, I personally (and I’m not the only one) it seemed too low and small, but this is a personal subjective preference. The price tag will be 80 euros, the exact start date of sales is not yet available, but it will be in the near future.

4 reasons to buy Logitech G Pro:

  • excellent optical sensor 3366;
  • comfortable main buttons;
  • high-quality construction and materials;
  • functional proprietary software and onboard memory.

1 reason not to buy the Logitech G Pro:

  • The shape won’t suit everyone.

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